Greens Re-Surfacing Project News

On April 10, 2017 the McAllen City Commission authorized Palm View Golf Course Staff to Re-Surface all 20 of its putting greens.

Palm View Golf Course will remain open for play using Temporary Greens. Play Palm View Golf Course for as little as $0.50 per hole!!!  Regular Cart fees will apply.  Please see the Temporary Fees list below.

We hope to see you at Palm View soon!!!


Week Ending June 18, 2017

  • •Despite ZERO rain, the Greens Resurfacing Project continues to progress as expected
  • •Golfers continue to use temporary Greens and the M&O staff continues to maintain them as presentable as possible thru top-dressing, fertilizer apps and daily mowing.
  • •During the week of June 12 - June 18, grass on our new greens showed a lot of growth
  • •It is safe to state that all greens are now about 75% covered with Champion' s G12 grass (See Pictures 4, 5 & 6)
  • •During this past week, the following tasks were performed as recommended by Champion Turf Farms:
    • ○Greens were fertilized on  Monday and Thursday
    • ○Fertilizations were followed by targeted watering  
    • ○After watering is completed, rolling, top-dressing and pulling out weeds have been the focal points for our staff and has taken the majority of the work and attention (See pictures 2 & 3)
    • ○The focus will remain the same for this week but will slowly begin to shift towards smoothing out every greens’ surface so that we are able to mow more often
    • ○This past weekend we were able to mow the practice putting green plus greens1-9 on the course; (See Picture 7)
    • ○Greens 10-18 were skipped due to heavy top-dressing done on Thursday and Friday of last week; we expect to mow those either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week
    • ○Mowing went very well; mowers cleaned and trimmed surface helping to smooth some of the areas out plus exposing those that need attention
    • ○Staff plans to continue top dressing then mowing all greens weekly; both tasks will be done on a "as need basis"
    • ○Watering schedule continues to be on multiple cycles after fertilizer applications and will continue to vary as dictated by weather and different tasks of the "grow in" process
  • •All of the M&O staff has been involved in this “grow-in” and will continue daily until we are completely covered and the greens are ready for play.
  • •After three weeks roots are about 1 1/2” long (See Picture 1)
  • •Please see pictures below and note all were taken last week
  • •Monday, July 24 remains the target reopening day for the regular greens


Below are Descriptions of each picture from left to right
1. Root Growth as of Mon. June 12
2. Staff Top-Dressing 18th Green
3. 18th Green Close-up after Top Dress
4. Grass Coverage 6th Green
5. Grass Coverage Close-up 6th Green
6. Grass Coverage 7th Green
7. Mowing #3 Green

5. Grass Coverage Close Up 6 Green

5. Grass Coverage Close Up 6 Green

by Rex Flores | 19 Jun, 2017

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